Thursday, February 23, 2012

9 pieces under $90!

Over the last several years, I've had an obsession with any and all types of street fashion. My bloglovin' list of fashion bloggers has grown to over 60 now, most are specifically based on every day looks. Although I love the extreme and exaggerated runways, it's always been about the people who dare to walk publicly in full costume that makes me swoon! Now, some people might be offended when I replace 'outfit' with 'costume', but, it's all the same to me. Make-up is to a mask as an outfit is to a costume. My goal was to get some good basics, and, I came out on top with some great pieces, all for $89.76! I can't wait to do some pairings with these!
Vintage pencil skirt from Goodwill - $4
Bandage sweater skirt from Goodwill - $4
Merona sheer black herringbone tights from Target - $10
GAP navy light sweater from Goodwill - $4
notations roses & rectangles sheer blouse from Goodwill - $4
a.n.a. blush peasant blouse from Goodwill - $4

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