Friday, February 24, 2012

BNB Time.

Yesterday, I came home from a weekend at my parents to a bunch of bananas that had ripened too much for my taste. So, what to do? Banana nut bread, of course! Growing up, it was always something I looked forward to. Today, there are TONS of recipe variations. I wanted to use one that contained more banana to keep it fresher. I found one here on! From the taste test, it was my favorite batter (Ahem, I love all kinds of doughs and batters.), and, a pretty good bread! I'm in the process of ridding my cabinet of refined and processed foods, like the white sugar and all-purpose flour . I did use unbleached flour for this one though, which still isn't great for you. But, it's better than bleached! Now, to get rid of the basic, refined sugar!
I like mine with a bit'uh buttah and some milk!

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